Sponsors and Supporters

We love the support we have been receiving from local businesses throughout Hampton Roads. Thank you to everyone who has come on board and shown the love!


loveve advertising sponsors


We also could not have done this without our LOVEVA family and friends.

Hny Creative has been with us since the conceptualization of the app and website. Their local team built it for us and are as passionate about LOVEVA and buying local as we are. Another important person in the development and support of LOVEVA is Alison Dodson Anderson of A.Dodson’s. Alison is a Retail Alliance board member and committee chair for LOVEVA and has been key to driving this forward and providing great input and feedback from a retailer perspective, and also a passionate buy local consumer viewpoint.

Our steering committee consists of a great group of local business owners and people who believe in the cause.

  • Alison Anderson, A.Dodson’s (Retail Alliance board member and committee chair)
  • Bill Brunelle, Independent We Stand
  • Neal Crawford, Monarch Bank
  • Norma Dorey, Changes City Spa/Jake’s Place
  • Meredith Fernandez, Chesapeake Bank
  • Shaun Fogarty, Pilot Media
  • Lindsey Germono, Germono Advertising, Inc
  • Pam Katrancha, Garden Gazebo
  • Jack Plomgren, Cartridge Man
  • Amy Powers, Daily Press
  • Jennifer Raimes, Quirks of Art
  • Philip Scotti, Philip Michael Fashion for Men
  • Ken Suddith, Go Local Media
  • Brenda Tusing, The Royal Chocolate
  • Allie Wittkamp, TowneBank
  • Jim Wofford, MacArthur Center (Retail Alliance Board Chairman)
  • Tim Wright, Simply Unique Jewelers