Hello, Love-vah. Interested but not quite ready to commit? Perhaps if we answered some questions, you’d feel better. Read on, dear one.

What is LOVEVA?

LOVEVA {love-vah} is a collective of local businesses that have banded together to create a unified reward system. Every* time you make a purchase with any LOVEVA business, you’ll earn a heart. Once you’ve earned 10 hearts you’re free to collect your reward, discount or gift. Being a love-vah means we’re all in this together. So, when you’ve earned your reward, you can take your heart to any LOVEVA business you like.

How do I become a local LOVEVA?

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Slow down, chief. Let’s be friends, first. Just kidding. Just download the app for Apple or Android, give us your name and email address and we’ll help you find local businesses where you can earn hearts. If you’re a local business and you’d like to join the LOVEVA program, come on over here and sit by me. Cutie.

What Do I Have to Do?

Not much, pumpkin. Just pull out your smartphone when you’re ready and scan the QR code at the business location (Sorry, scanning a receipt will not work). Every time you make a purchase, you’ll earn a heart. Just like our love, those hearts never expire, you can bank as many as you like and if you’re feeling super generous, you can give your rewards away.

I like free stuff. Can you help me find a LOVEVA?

We’ve made it super easy to find participating businesses. You can search this website for businesses or use the super-slick map and category searches in the app. If you’re looking to shop, you can find local LOVEVAs near you, in your home city, LOVEVA businesses in a particular category or any combination therein. Nothing stands between you and your LOVEVA! Well, nothing that a good Internet connection can’t solve.

Do I really earn a heart with every purchase?

Every time* you bust out that wallet and make a purchase you’ll earn a heart. Once you’ve shopped ten times and collected ten hearts you’ll earn a reward that you can spend at any local LOVEVA business. You can redeem at your favorite place or use this as an opportunity to discover some place new to love.

*Sorry, there is a little fine print … we can say yes 99% of the time. There’s always that 1% that take advantage of kind hearts. Say you went in the morning to buy ingredients for dinner but if you return for the butter you forgot, it may think you’re taking advantage of that business. But if you bought something in the morning and then again that evening from the same store, all’s good sweetie!

I’m not a patient love-vah. How will I know when I’ve earned 10 hearts?

It’s cool. We get that you need to know you and your LOVEVA are on the same page. You’ll see your progress every time you make a purchase, and you’ll see it on your dashboard every time you open the app. When you hit the magic number, the app will help you decide what to do next: redeem immediately, bank it for later or give your love away.

I’m a generous love-vah. Can I give my rewards away?

Come over here and give us a hug, you big sweetheart. Giving your rewards away is a fantastic way to help your friends become a local love-vah, too. After you earn a reward, the app will guide you through the quick and easy process. Your lucky friend will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your reward. If you wanted to nudge them to download the app themselves, we’d be cool with that.

I’VE EARNED 10 HEARTS! How do I redeem my reward?

Oh, baby. This is where being a local love-vah really gets fun. Once you’ve earned that 10th heart the app will invite you to share your reward, bank your reward or redeem your reward. You can redeem your reward on the spot, or browse your options. Scroll through to see which rewards are available at your favorite businesses, businesses near you or businesses you’ve always wanted to try. Just let cashier know and then scan the QR code. The cashier gives you the reward.  Great job, by the way. We love you, too.

I have earned one bajillion rewards. Can I redeem them at all once?

One bajillion? That’s…that’s a lot of love. Redeeming would also be a lot of pressure on one business. We’d like to say yes, but we’re going to have to say no. You can redeem one reward per business, per day. If you’re really determined to empty your heart bank in a day, we suggest you gas up the car, put your game face on and go for the high score (or make it rain for all your friends). Feel free to let us know how it went on our Facebook page.

Uh, oh. The business ran out of my reward. Now what?

The good news is you have very good taste and have picked an extremely popular business. That’s something, right? Don’t worry. The local LOVEVA businesses have all agreed to show you some love by offering something of like value. If anything goes wrong we’re offering free hugs and assistance at info@bealocalloveva.com