Shop Small

Shop Small on November 24th and all year long!  Small Biz Saturday is a big day to celebrate small businesses and renew your commitment to shift your local spending 10% more this coming year.

There is a lot to celebrate when we shift to local. Each dollar you spend at a local business  stays in the community and turns around three times. It is used for local printing, local legal services and local goods. etc. It keeps going and that is what we call an economic engine.

Not to mention the more independent businesses an area has, the more diverse and healthier that community is for everyone. That translates to higher community involvement because when owners are local, they care about what goes  in their town.

Follow LOVEVA on social media to enjoy meeting new retailers, restaurants and service providers that are local. On November 24th  become a part of the self-sustaining economic engine in Hampton Roads!

Who would you like to see on the LOVEVA App?

We’re taking names! If you’d like to see a local business added to the LOVEVA app, click on the image below to nominate them on our Facebook page. One lucky business will be randomly picked on January 30 to win a year’s inclusion on the app.

Beyond the Biz

Retail Alliance is connecting business owners and shoppers through its buy local campaign complete with a mobile app and website, LOVEVA. The nonprofit trade association, established in 1903, supports the growth of local retailers and economy by marketing businesses and providing additional services to grow their consumer base. Now, the Retail Alliance is using the LOVEVA resource as a way for retailers to work together while rewarding shoppers that make purchases at participating LOVEVA businesses.

It doesn’t take the most tech-savvy business owner—or user either—to learn how the LOVEVA program works. Retailers listed on the app and on the webpage fit in to its directory based on category of business, each with their own logo, photo, QR code, directions to the business, social media links and information on the types of rewards it has for users. For each purchase at one of over 300 participating LOVEVA businesses in the app, users are rewarded with a heart badge. Once they have collected 10 hearts, they can redeem or share their reward with a friend at any LOVEVA business. Purchases can be as large as a piece of furniture or as small as a cup of coffee, which are each equivalent to one heart. One rewarding example is $20 off a $70 grocery purchase at Farm Fresh, known to be actively involved in the community. In the even bigger picture, shoppers are supporting businesses by keeping money in the local economy.
From a business owner’s perspective, the LOVEVA program gives them access to connect to over 12,500 users, which (to date) have made more than 50,000 transactions through the program. The Retail Alliance takes the program even further with additional educational and training resources it provides for its local businesses. “One of things we do is we have membership directors meeting businesses every day, talking to the people about what they need, what they see, who their customers are, what are their issues,” explains Kylie Sibert, Retail Alliance Vice President of Corporate Communications. “We really connect with them in the community that way.” Membership directors also ensure that owners and the front-end staff are up and running on how to use the app and talk about it with the customers through their on-site training.
LOVEVA also allows for businesses to get their names out to shoppers who would otherwise be unfamiliar with their business and would like to shop somewhere new. Owners can recognize and develop strategies for who their shoppers are and keep them coming to their store by tracking foot traffic with SEO and metrics. Additionally, owners can keep up with customers by using LOVEVA assets such as marketing and advertising when they don’t necessarily have the time for outreach while they grow. LOVEVA Program Manager Lisa Renée Jennings shares, “Because we are powered by Retail Alliance, we can also them special opportunities. We have the buying power to do advertising, so LOVEVA offers spring and fall special advertising campaigns at special prices.”
Offline, stores are also given marketing materials, including point of sale flyers to further enhance their message of buying local to customers. Even at events such as Harborfest, LOVEVA offers its buy local clients a free space inside their tent to show off their stores to the public.

Retail Alliance’s own effort to better businesses through LOVEVA is a continual, long-term investment. They are constantly monitoring feedback from users and businesses to determine what they want the app to become.
“The more businesses invest in the program themselves, the more they get out of it,” Sibert notes. “We’ve found with the businesses that promote in their stores or in their restaurants, who advertise it through social media and do specials with marketing, are the ones that succeed the most in driving that foot traffic, getting new customers and keeping current customers in their doors.”

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Shift Your Shopping for a chance to win!

The Shift Your Shopping Campaign is all about the power of buying local. By shifting your purchases just 10% toward independent businesses, you are helping our local economy thrive.

Shift Your Shopping is more than just one Saturday. Between Nov. 13th and Dec. 17th when you use your LOVEVA App ten times, you’ll earn ten hearts and be automatically be entered to win one of four $100 gift cards to the LOVEVA business of your choice. You can purchase a cup of coffee or a sofa, just scan the QR code at the register.  To make sure you are collecting all the hearts you can, click on the Find A Business button in your App so you can find the LOVEVA businesses anywhere in Hampton Roads!