Be a local LOVEVA and vote for your favorite businesses on the LOVEVA app.

Be a local LOVEVA and vote for your favorite businesses that you use on the LOVEVA app. Voting can be done once per device between April 15th and May 6th. The winner will receive advertising from our generous sponsor ALL NEWS 102, your local radio station, as well as a trophy and banner at our Retailer of the Year Awards. So get voting to get your local faves some love.

LOVEVA Feature on WVEC February 2019

NORFOLK, Va. — “Shop local” campaigns are nothing new – small businesses have had to compete with the big retailers for decades, and here in Hampton Roads it’s no exception.

But a locally powered phone app is connecting consumers to small businesses better than ever before.

It’s called LOVEVA, pronounced love-vah, and while it’s been around a couple of years, it’s now gaining more users thanks to a pretty simple concept.

If you shop or eat a local store or restaurant connected to the app you earn a heart.

When you earn enough hearts, you get deals and discounts in return.

While it sounds like your typical rewards-based program, it’s not.

You can redeem those hearts at any local business in the app, regardless of where you earned the heart.

That includes places that aren’t even in the same city.

The app was created by the non-profit group Retail Alliance out of Norfolk, and hundreds of businesses all over the region are participating.

Instead of trying to compete against the big retailers one on one, small businesses have all banded together to create an entire network of incentivized local shopping.

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Show the LOVEVA!


Spread the LOVEVA!

A great way to support local businesses without spending money is to follow their social media and make comments! Follow LOVEVA too and learn about new small businesses all over Hampton Roads!

Shop Small

Shop Small on November 24th and all year long!  Small Biz Saturday is a big day to celebrate small businesses and renew your commitment to shift your local spending 10% more this coming year.

There is a lot to celebrate when we shift to local. Each dollar you spend at a local business  stays in the community and turns around three times. It is used for local printing, local legal services and local goods. etc. It keeps going and that is what we call an economic engine.

Not to mention the more independent businesses an area has, the more diverse and healthier that community is for everyone. That translates to higher community involvement because when owners are local, they care about what goes  in their town.

Follow LOVEVA on social media to enjoy meeting new retailers, restaurants and service providers that are local. On November 24th  become a part of the self-sustaining economic engine in Hampton Roads!