About Us

Want to be our love-vah? Let’s talk.

Fun fact: Dozens of sushi rolls and hundreds of conversations later, LOVEVA is born.

How many conversations does it take to build a buy local campaign? More than we can remember, but every one of them revolved around the same question: Honestly, what would it take to truly bring local businesses and consumers together?

Ray Mattes and Kylie Ross Sibert, respectively the CEO and VP of Retail Alliance, partnered with other board members to create LOVEVA (pronounced love-vah). LOVEVA is a branded marketing and shopping app that bands together local retailers and rewards local shoppers in a completely unique way. It’s an app that loves you back.

What makes it so special?

Many, if not most, reward programs require redemption at a single source. The local LOVEVA program lets shoppers redeem rewards at ANY participating local business. So, if you normally shop in Virginia Beach but Suffolk has a reward you want, it’s cool. Go ahead and redeem your reward at their store. If you normally shop in Newport News but really want a reward in Norfolk, we say go for it. There’s enough local love to go around. The local LOVEVA program has connected resources to make shopping irresistible.

Why you should join as a business:
  • You’re banding together with other local businesses in a completely unique way that allows you to share rewards.
  • You can get real data on how/if the program is working for you.
  • You can help local shoppers connect with you and your impact in the community.
  • You’ll be featured on a map that helps shoppers locate and shop at local businesses in their community.
  • You’ll be able to create a local business page on our website (which is great for Google search results).
  • You can choose your reward and change it quarterly.
  • You’ll get social media advice and assistance from the Retail Alliance team.
  • You’ll be included in the Retail Alliance marketing and advertising plan.
  • You can choose community impact icons that help showcase how being a local business impacts everyone.
Why you should download the App as a shopper:
  • You can  earn rewards at every local participating business. Most rewards programs force you to redeem at a single source. Love-vah’s don’t roll like that!
  • You can give your love away. You can spread the love by sharing your rewards with friends who shop local but need a little help getting credit for being awesome.
  • You earn hearts with every purchase and can share your big-hearted generosity on Facebook. Hey, you’re kind of killing it out there. Take a bow. You earned it!
  • You’ll find SO many local businesses in your community. The mapping feature helps you support local businesses by revealing community treasures nearby.
  • We’ve created the one and only local, seriously trying to do the right thing search feature. Doing the right thing has never been easier!
About Retail Alliance aka The Benefactors of Local LOVEVA:

Retail Alliance, founded in 1903, is a non-profit trade association which helps promote and support the healthy growth of retail businesses and trade through education, advocacy, and member benefits.